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We were the first in London to get approval for new purpose-built coliving units.


"Rohacs Architects’ creativity, tenacious consultation with Historic England and the Local Authority helped us secure approval for converting and extending a disused Grade II Listed building into a potentially thriving co-living development." - EEH Ventures

Co-living as a concept made sense very quickly for us, and we became great believers and supporters of this form of accommodation because of our own experiences with the rental and house sharing market London. Our thorough research in the beginning of our coliving journey with the Burnt Oak project enabled us to educate and inform the decision makers about both the positives and potential pitfalls of this type of accommodation.

Currently we are working hard to convince clients of the imminent breakthrough in this sector and especially in the sub 50 unit schemes where we argue that a shared management regime can achieve the same operational efficiencies as a 150+ unit scheme.

Our current emerging schemes are in Streatham, Croydon, Watford and Cardiff.

Tell us about your project today.

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