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Three Bridges House, Crawley

Planning application to redevelop a redundant car park area with 44 new apartments in Crawley.


This proposal on a triangular shaped site is adjacent to one of the busiest roads in Crawley. The current commercial / light industrial context is changing and medium-rise residential proposals are being introduced into the area. Our Client’s brief was to develop a proposal maximising the potential of this land with residential use.

Despite the oddly shaped site, we produced an efficient layout that responds to the boundary conditions whilst providing 7 units per typical floor with a single core.

Two toned brick cladding provides a high quality appearance and helps visually break down the overall massing. Large windows provide ample daylight in the units complying with the new BRE daylight guidance yet avoiding unwanted overheating. ​Generously sized bolt on balconies provide external private amenity to the residents.

Status: Planning application Submitted

Total GIA: 35,900sqft

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