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Maximising project value and

finding new opportunities.

Who we are

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Rohacs Architects (formerly RnH Architects) is a London based architectural design studio with a sharp and ingenious approach, solving complex problems.

We are determined to achieve better results and take initiative to unlock value where others could not find any before.

Our design process is collaborative, transparent and we keep our clients feeling looked after all the time.

How we work



We find a solution that provides the best response by extensive consultation and listening to our clients and all other parties involved throughout the project.


We unlock more value by improving the brief and identifying other new opportunities.

Experience in density and efficiency

We develop viable design options achieving the maximum potential density on the site with advanced lateral thinking and out of the box ideas.

Functionality and buildability

Our experience enables us to provide more net per gross area by optimal functionality and floor plate efficiency. We design with straightforward buildability in mind from the start.


Clear message

We present our proposals as clear as possible with high-quality materials both on paper and in person.


From the smallest sketch we present our work with the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail.


Our projects are designed to surpass aesthetic expectations by simple means to provide a clear distinction and additional value.

Client care

We are always available. We work to make you return to us with your next project.

What we do

Burnt Oak Co-working Space 1.jpg
Turning around unviable schemes

Reviewing an approved mixed use scheme, that had commercial viability issues in Watford, we identified ways to optimise the proposal and generate a significant uplift in the project GDV. We rearranged the office and residential uses to provide a clear vertical cut between the two uses and simplified the build and lease boundaries. With a new disposition we managed to increase the potential number of residential units by 60%.

Pushing for high density

We are currently carefully navigating through the planning system to achieve the possible maximum density on two sites in Purley. The plots are 0.28 and 0.37 ha in size, currently occupied by detached dwellings. We are targeting to achieve 150+ unit per hectare density on both sites.

Repurposing and bringing vacant assets back to life

We repurposed a Grade II Listed cinema in Edgware as co-working space, extended the building on the top and sides to provide 125 co-living units with associated shared amenities and as a result an empty building for over six years was brought back to life and become an active asset in our Client’s property portfolio.

Coppice Hanger Semi-detached House.jpg
Taking over failed applications and securing approval

Several failed attempts were made for planning approval on Hartley Down in Purley by our Client’s previous team. We managed to get consent from Croydon Council for the redevelopment of this detached house site with a new apartment block comprising 7 new units.

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Oxhey Road Street View 1.jpg
Breaking the mould

Overcoming heavy initial resistance from both the neighbours and at the Local Authority, we were first in the local area to get approval for the redevelopment of a detached house site on Oxhey Road in Watford with a new residential building comprising 10 apartments.

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Haslett Avenue Street View.jpg
Finding additional value

After our Client has converted an old office block into apartments on Haslett Avenue in Crawley, we created additional value for them by identifying a potential new building plot on the excess car parking area of the site and designing a scheme with 44 apartments. The new apartments were targeted for social housing.

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Achieving approval for more

Our Client secured approval for 3 new apartments on an existing building on Lordship Lane in Dulwich comprising of a commercial unit on the ground floor and 2 duplex apartments on top. We secured planning approval for an additional 2 units bringing up the total number of residential units on the site from 5 to 7.

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Camelot Close Rear Garden View 2.jpg
Optimizing envelope and layout

Working on private residences such as Leigh House in Haslemere, Camelot Close in Wimbledon, and Troutstream Way in Rickmansworth we made a tangible positive impact on people’s everyday life by optimizing the envelope, intelligent transformation of internal layouts and the façade updates by simple means.

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Contact us

Rohacs Architects

The Building Society

55 Whitfield Street

London, W1T 4AH


Tel: +44 7984552427

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